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I was at the Uni today, as part of a Finding your Way thing for Mature students. Yeah I think they went wrong somewhere with that for me XD I'm no more mature then my brothers *laughs*

anyway drove into glasgow and like all people following their tomtoms got lost and got to the wrong george street, I will say this is the first time I have ever drove into glasgow so that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. anyway by the time I got there I was ten minutes late -.-; not a good start I guess, so I get there and then we are seperated into different parts and the group I was with had little chats with students that are at the Uni. that was interesting and it was good getting a lot of questions answered then it was time for the tour we went around to see some of the buildings before ending up in the student union, By god that place is big. we had lunch and then a tour of the place before going back to the main building for more chats like funding, careers ect ect then it was back to the union for drink, sadly I was only on cola but it was fun and I chatted to a guy about socialology and stuff it was fun.

but now I am shattered and am going to rest.
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